Report: iPhone 5S Launch Date; Apple's Reputation on the Line

The next generation iPhone will launch June 20 2013, and will then go on sale in early July. At least, that's what Japanese website MacFan and electronicsta think will happen. Speculation has not only been limited to the when, but also on the what. In other words, what Apple will name their next bundle of joy? Popular opinion points to 'iPhone 5S,' but nothing has been confirmed just yet.

The rumored 20 June launch date would coincide with Apple's trend of launching its products in the June/July time frame, just after its annual WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference). More speculation on other Apple products has also erupted. This includes talk of an end-of-September release date for a low-cost prepaid variant of the iPhone, as well as a new iPad for the end of the year.

The upcoming dates for the new iPhone could be a make-it-or-break-it moment for Apple. In the past, Apple has always inspired the mobile industry by being two steps ahead of the competition. However, more recently, they has been falling short of expectations. Apart from disappointing software updates, the launch of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 have been anticlimactic for most, with Apple introducing a larger screen, higher resolution, a faster SoC and 4G LTE support. All of this was not only expected, but already rolling out on rival devices.

Apple needs to impress and turn heads with its next iPhone, and the questions remains how can it do that? The addition of NFC, second gen GPS and a slightly higher resolution display would be dismal, as many companies already have phones available that incorporate all of these features. Which technological additions to a new handheld device by Apple would spark your interest? Temperature and humidity sensors, a 3D camera, fingerprint identification sensor, waterproof case design or wireless charging? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Azn Cracker
    2 steps ahead? LOLLOLOLOLOL

    The only time this was true was with the original iphone and iphone 3g when there was zero competition.
  • A Bad Day
    I wonder how many of my classmates will "upgrade" from their iPhone 4, 4S, or 5 to this...
  • walter87
    I would personally think a fingerprint scanner is a gimmick and not necessary on a phone. If your really worried about security, a password would suffice in my opinion.

    This is my personal opinion, but I feel a its a gimmick that will only add an additional point of failure. My old laptop had a finger scanning and it was really finicky...sometimes it would take numerous scans to read and then it failed after a few years.

    I'd much rather like to see all phone manufacturers work on improving battery life. I don't care if I've got the thinnest phone, I'd rather have a thicker device with a beefier battery that could get over current average of 6-10 hours.
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  • A Bad Day
    I wonder how many of my classmates will "upgrade" from their iPhone 4, 4S, or 5 to this...
  • ryanhmusic
    I'll be upgrading from a 4s to this.

    I am a fan of apple but not a fanboy - I recognize that other companies now make better smartphones but I like the interface and I don't want to leave it yet. Maybe later I'll try android again but my last use of it was less than satisfactory because I am used to the iOS.

    As a T-Mobile customer using a factory unlocked device, the support for the correct wireless specs is important, having no service is getting tiring. Since T-Mobile now sells the iPhone, one would presume upcoming models would have support for the correct T-Mobile bands.

    Sure, it's probably not going to be revolutionary but as long as its an evolution of the current product, many people will buy it. Doesn't make them blind iSheep, it makes them comfortable. What's wrong with comfortable? Some people don't have the time it takes to jump around OSs and phones, constantly learning how to use them again and again - doesn't mean we should hate on them. I am one of those people. I'm sure if I had started on Android and tried to switch to iOS, I wouldn't have liked I started on iOS and am comfortable there - no need to switch for me and many others.
  • masterofevil22
    This guy above me is right. People will still buy it no matter what and no offense, but they will believe until the end of time that it is superior when in fact they are simpleton phones that make people who are normally uneasy with electronics feel somewhat savvy or even smart. Change scares these people and comfort and simplicity along with "look how cool I am that I can afford an Apple product" will keep their sales rolling.

    There will always be these types of people. They are not going any where and neither is apple. Btw, yes, I know there are much "better" alternatives. I own one, so I'm not an Apple salesman or anything, I'm just saying.