Report: iPhone 5S Due in August

While the world talks about Apple's plans for its own brand TV and an iWatch, it's easy to forget that there are other Apple products on the horizon, too. This includes Apple's yearly update to the iPhone line. According to the latest rumors, the iPhone 5S will be arriving in August this year.

Despite the fact that the last iPhone was introduced in September (and the one before that in October of 2011), it seems Apple might be announcing the newest iteration of its smartphone a bit earlier in this time around.

iMore cites sources familiar with the plans that say Apple will introduce the iPhone 5S in August and that it will feature the same design as the iPhone 5. Of course, it wouldn't be a brand new iPhone if there wasn't something different about it. To that end, the new iPhone 5S will apparently boast an improved camera as well as a faster processor.

The iPhone 5 features Apple's own custom built A6 chipset with a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU and PowerVR SGX 543MP3. The camera is a 8MP (3264x2448) affair with autofocus and LED flash. No word on the specs of the camera or processor in the rumored iPhone 5S but we'll keep you posted.

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  • edogawa
    Step 1: Control C
    Step 2: Control V
    Step 3: Claim innovation
    Step 4: Profit?
  • thomasf94
  • sacre
    So basically nothing changes? This iPhone has had the same damn interface, features etc for the past couple years. This is annoying as hell now and is the sole reason as to why i'm grabbing a Galaxy S4.

    So damn unimaginative.
  • thomasf94
    htc one X, here I come!
  • happyballz
    The iPhone 5 features Apple's own custom built A6 chipset with a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU...
    So is it built or designed? I was not aware of Apple manufacturing their own SoC.
  • TheBigTroll
    assuming a modern day phone isnt fast enough, i really dont see the point of upgrading unless you are a isheep
  • teh_chem
    happyballzSo is it built or designed? t aware of Apple manufacturing their own SoC.It doesn't say that Apple manufactured their own processors. But Apple absolutely had a very large internal ARM processor design teams. They even acquired an entire arm design company back when the original iPhone was being designed. Apple designs the processor, then they source a manufacturing entity to crank them out. But the actual chip design resources with Apple.
  • nitrium
    Apple's rumored to be unveiling a new in just six months' time.
    "a new..." what? The editing on this site is deteriorating.
  • house70
    You can replace iP5>iP5S with iP3g>iP3GS, or iP4>iP4S, same stuff again...

    This is getting repetitive, boring, uninspired, and so on.

    Oh, surely it will come with some iOS upgrade (same old boring tired looks and functionality, though) that will be an exclusive to that model, even if the rest of iPhones will be getting the new iOS logo... and that's about it. And fans will rave about how unified iOS is.
  • echondo
    It's cool that the source of this article is Tom's Hardware LOL.

    It's already been a year since the last iPhone? Weird, feels like it's been a couple weeks. Meh, it's going to look exactly like the iPhone 5 and probably have like one "big" update like more megapixels camera and then a smaller one like a new iOS version that is iPhone 5S exclusive for a couple months or something stupid like that.