Intel Reports Record $11.1 Billion Revenue

The chip industry appears to be doing well, as Intel has posted yet another record quarter.

Intel reported that third-quarter revenue exceeded $11 billion for the first time, up 18 percent year-over-year to $11.1 billion. The company reported operating income of $4.1 billion, net income of $3.0 billion and earnings per share of 52 cents.

"Intel's third-quarter results set all-time records for revenue and operating income," said Paul Otellini, Intel president and CEO. "These results were driven by solid demand from corporate customers, sales of our leadership products and continued growth in emerging markets. Looking forward, we continue to see healthy worldwide demand for computing products of all types and are particularly excited about our next-generation processor, codenamed Sandy Bridge, and the many new designs around our Intel Atom processors in everything from the new Google TV products to a wide array of tablets based on Windows, Android and MeeGo operating systems."

PC client as well as data center revenue was up three percent, with both setting records in CPU sales. The Atom, however took a four percent hit, likely due to the slowing demand for netbooks.

Check out the Intel announcement for the full details.

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  • scook9
    All that money and they cannot make a decent IGP :(
  • Nightsilver
    So they sold about four CPUs then.
  • jskilnyk
    What are the odds of them buying nVidia? I mean it would be classic Intel Vs. AMD again.
  • Other Comments
  • scook9
    All that money and they cannot make a decent IGP :(
  • jdamon113
    Next stop >>>> Nvidia
  • AMD_pitbull
    I wonder how much they paid retailers with regards to the AMD matter. Guess it was still worth it in the end. Moral of the story? Buy you way along and you'll make record profits.