Intel Retires Six Low-End Processors

Intel advised its partners in a product change notification that it is phasing out six entry level processor models. According to the PCN, the following chips are affected by the refresh and received a final ship date of April 16, 2013:

- Celeron P4600 (2.0 GHz)
- Core i3-370M (2.4 GHz0
- Core i3-390M (2.6 GHz)
- Pentium P6100 (2.0 GHz)
- Pentium P6200 (2.13 GHz)
- Pentium P6300 (2.2 GHz)

Customers will be able to place their orders until October 16 of this year. Orders placed after this date cannot be canceled. As usual, Intel justified the cancellation with a "shift of market demand".

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  • joytech22
    I was hoping they would all be ATOM processors. lol.
    What's in that list is considered overkill compared to ATOM.
  • tului
    bison88They really were badly introduced to the market. I remember signing up for an "affordable" dedicated server to play around with that had an Atom processor a couple years back. I wanted to shoot myself with how badly it performed doing simple tasks.

    Just for shts and giggles I tried to compile Gentoo on an Atom netbook, I feel your pain x 100.
  • archange
    Right. My friend had such an Atom server (1.6 GHz, dual core). Along with poor performance, it ate up ~50 W not doing much. The new one I've installed for him sports an i3 ~2.4 GHz, which is plenty-fast and drains ~42 W. So what was the point in Atoms exactly?
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  • livebriand
    Wait, these are only 1st gen i-series processors anyway, so who cares about them? Hasn't everyone moved on to Sandy Bridge?
  • halcyon
    Good. ...can't say they'll be missed when they're gone.
  • Anonymous
    not necessarily. The reason why this would be big news, is some companies could still be running on legacy computers. If one of these companies needed these processors as a field replaceable unit they would need to know in advance that a new mobo and processor would have to be purchased instead.