Intel Thunderbolt Coming to Windows PCs in April

Digitimes reports that Thunderbolt-supported motherboards, notebooks and desktop PCs are on their way and are being prepared for an early Q2 launch.

Initially, Thunderbolt carried a cost of more than $20 per device and is prohibitively expensive for most computer systems. The cost may drop in the second half of the year as the technology is adapted on a much broader range, but Intel will have to actively support and drive the technology into the market to make it a success.

Digitimes said that Sony will pick up Thunderbolt and Asustek Computer will, at least, put the technology into its high-end systems. Gigabyte will be launching a Thunderbolt motherboard in April. Intel confirmed in September that Acer and Asustek Computer will introduce Thunderbolt computers in 2012 to begin the breakaway of the interface as an Apple-exclusive technology.

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  • warmon6
    Jeez, about time! I was wondering when they would get thunderbolt to others.
  • loomis86
    It's not TRUE thunderbolt anymore. Its plain old copper wires instead of fiber optic cables.
  • eatfoodnow
    sweet, soon they'll develop some stuff that actually uses thunderbolt now that the technology is being brought to PCs.