iPhone 5C Meets .50 Cal Rifle, iPhone 5S Watches in Slow-mo

Owners Apple's brand new iPhone 5S have been having quite a bit of fun testing out the device's new slowmo shooting mode. YouTube is littered with sample videos from users, but none of them are quite like the video uploaded by our friends at RatedRR. Since destroying Nvidia's Shield console last month, the RatedRR folks have set their sights on the new iPhones.

iPhone 5s vs 50 cal - RatedRR Slow-Mo Torture Test

The iPhone 5S recently faced RatedRR's .50 caliber rifle (spoiler alert: it didn't survive). Now the iPhone 5S gets to watch as little brother, the iPhone 5C, gets the same treatment. Best of all, the 5S's slowmo feature captured the whole show. Check it out:

RatedRR vs iPhone 5C

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  • COLGeek
    Such a "useful" way to use a phone...While it pours fuel on the anti-Apple flamers, what the heck does this prove? Seriously?
  • bejabbers
    It's kind of satisfying to watch an overrated and over-hyped piece of apple hardware get blown to smithereens.
  • bombebomb
    I knew it, Iphone can't handle a .50 cal, this is why I went with the note 3 even if it gets shot I still have 4 inches of screen to work with.

    /sarcasm :D