JVC and NICT develop 8MP robotic vision system

JVC and Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) said they will develop compact robotic imaging system with an 8-megapixel color sensor. According to JVC, the sensor's capabilitie's are "close to the limit of the human vision". The sensor is 1/18 the weight and 1/19 the size of a previous sensor developed by JVC.

The system is mounted on a humanoid shaped robot, that has movable arms and hands with five fingers, but not yet a name or model number. Everything is controlled remotely by a person wearing gloves, much like the Immersion CyberGlove that we wrote about back in November 2005.

JVC J4 robot

In the past, JVC has shown off a small humanoid robot dubbed the JVC J4. Controlled with Bluetooth, the robot can dance and move in similar ways to Sony's QRIO robot.

JVC and NIICT say the vision system will help in future telemedicine and nursing care environments.