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Make file organization your New Year’s resolution with the My Passport SSD

Western Digital
(Image credit: Western Digital)

It’s once again a new year, and for many, that means making New Year’s resolutions. Some make resolutions related to work, and others about health. Some, however, make resolutions around organization — and that’s where the My PassportTM SSD from WD wants to step in and help.

There are tons of benefits to staying organized, and that applies to both organizing your home, and organizing your files. My Passport SSDs are designed to help you store your files safely and conveniently, making them an excellent choice for those who want their digital lives to stay organized.

My Passport SSDs offer a number of convenient features over some other drives. For starters, they take advantage of the latest and greatest tech to ensure that they’re fast, which means you don’t have to think about transfer speeds when you use them. My Passport solid state drives boast read speeds of up to an impressive 1050MB/s* and write speeds of up to 1000BM/s*, thanks to Western Digital’s NVMe technology.

It’s easy to connect your drive to a range of devices too. The My Passport SSD supports both Mac and PC right out of the box, and they come with a USB-C cable to easily work with newer computers and a USB-C to USB-A adapter for older devices. The drives are available in 500GB, 1TB, 2TB and 4TB* capacities, so there should be something there for everyone.

Once your files are on your device, they’ll stay safe both physically and digitally. My Passport SSDs come with password-enabled 256-bit AES encryption, which helps to ensure that those who don’t have permission to access your files won’t be able to. And, the drive boasts a metal build that’s strong enough to handle most day-to-day use, and which doubles as a sleek and stylish look. Speaking of look, My Passport SSDs are available in a range of classy colors (Blue, Gold, Gray, Red and Silver), so there should be something for everyone. 

Western Digital

(Image credit: Western Digital)

That build may be strong and sleek, but it’s also very portable. My Passport solid state drives come in at only a few inches long and should easily fit inside most people’s pockets. That means that you can easily take your data on the road with you, or transition between different computers or devices in your home with ease.

Interested in picking up a My Passport SSD for yourself? Head straight to the Western Digital website (opens in new tab). Drives start at an impressive $119.99 MSRP for 500GB*, and as mentioned, they’re available in three storage capacities and five different colors. 

*Up to stated speed. As used for transfer rate, megabytes per second (MB/s) = one million bytes per second. Based on internal testing. Performance may vary depending on host device, usage conditions, drive capacity, and other factors. As used for storage capacity, 1GB = one billion bytes and 1TB = one trillion bytes. Total accessible capacity varies depending on operating environment.