Michigan Frat House Builds Paintball-firing Panzer Tank

Flint (Michigan) - A 19-year-old Kettering University student and his frat brothers have built a working Panzer tank. Will Porter is a member at the school's Theta Xi fraternity and spent two-years building the half-scale, plywood, camouflage-painted tank. It can reach speeds of 20 MPH and Porter often takes it for a spin around the block. Thankfully the tank doesn't actually fire real rounds, but it can unleash paintball fury thanks to compressed air from a scuba tank.

According to the Sun Journal, neighbors have already called the police on Porter's tank-riding escapades, but so far the authorities have laughed it off and told Porter to just drive the tank back to the frat house.

Porter, with plenty of help from his fraternity brothers, built the tank in the parking lot of the fraternity house and estimates that it cost $10,000 so far. Not surprisingly, he will soon begin an internship at a armored vehicle manufacturer.

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