Google Accidentally Leaks Nexus Phone in KitKat Video

Google's big news yesterday was the announcement that the next version of Android would be known as KitKat as opposed to Key Lime Pie. However, in talking up the new name, did Google accidentally leak the new Nexus handset?


Google yesterday released a video showing the unloading and installation of the new Android KitKat statue at its campus in California. As usual, the video showed lots of excited Google's oogling the new arrival and taking photos and videos of its unboxing. The video shows at least one unidentified LG device carrying the Nexus branding. It looks larger than the Nexus 4, which conveniently appears alongside the mystery device in the hands of another Google employee.

Google made the video soon after eagle-eyed viewers noticed the device in question. These days, though, once it's out, it's out. The video is readily available on other channels so you can still see for yourself. Check it out at 0:38 in the clip below (via Tek First):

At the moment, there's little information about the Nexus 5 out there, though rumors say it will be the largest Nexus phone yet, with a screen measuring more than 5 inches. There's also talk of a Snapdragon 800 chipset, 2GB of RAM and, of course, KitKat.

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  • sundragon
    I don't think Google is stupid enough to "accidentally leak" anything. This was planned, Give the Goog a little credit.

    Every time they fart a tech blogger writes an "article" about it...
  • deftonian
    I want to work for Google.
  • Niva
    Wow, people paying way too much attention to these things... never would've noticed unless it was pointed out. Now I can recognize certain cars from their lesser brethren at a quick glance, but that's totally different, right?

    Is there such a thing as a phone fetish? That's the only way I can explain it.
  • itsnotmeitsyou
  • the1kingbob
    I agree with sundragon, I think this is on purpose. Just trying to get people talking and start rumors before the release. Wish we knew more about what 4.4 is going to be, last I heard it was going to be able to run on lower end hardware and attempt to reduce fragmentation. Not sure if phone manufactures are going to go through the effort for dated phones.
  • I don't even think Google is trying to hide this one. Tom's, the fact that you advertise this as accidental is kind of embarrassing.
  • BranFlake5
    Didn't they serve key lime pie at a keynote once? But this was intentional because the girl next to him has a Nexus 4 and a Guy behind her has a Galaxy Nexus, Yeah "accidental" "leak"
  • hp79
    Why are these video so crappy low resolution? I mean it's 2013, everyone has a phone that can take 1080p video. I wouldn't complain if it was at least 480p.
  • Cons29
    pretty sure it's just marketing, but it's more acceptable than the bar scene from a certain fruit. :)

    i want a nexus