Worldwide Wii U Launch Details to Come Tomorrow

When Nintendo pulled back the covers on its next-gen console, the Wii U, it was elusive on the details. At the time, Nintendo's reluctance to give any numbers was understandable, considering that the console's launch was a ways away.

Many were certain that Nintendo would be unveiling the numbers at E3 2012. Unfortunately, Nintendo's E3 press conference, which Nintendo President Satoru Iwata promised would be "about the games", was focused almost exclusively on the Wii U's launch titles and the 3DS XL. Once again, no hard numbers about the Wii U were revealed.

With only a few months left before the Wii U's expected launch (which is presumably before the end of 2012), Nintendo revealed via its Twitter feed that the company will finally announce the Wii U's price and release details tomorrow at Nintendo Direct (tweet translation courtesy of Polygon):

"Good evening, this is Iwata of Nintendo. Tomorrow, Wednesday September 13th, we will broadcast an online presentation about the Wii U's launch from 4pm onwards. We will announce details such as the console's price and release date."

If you're hoping to catch the announcement, Nintendo Direct will be taking place on September 13th at 4 PM in Japan, or 12 AM PST. Nintendo Direct will be live streamed via its official website. However, if you don't quite feel like staying up late to catch the announcement, Nintendo will also be holding simultaneous American and European press conferences at 7 AM PST.

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  • kinggraves
    iknowhowtofixitEven after all these years of the original Wii. The name is still stupid.
    You know, I can understand the intention of the Wii (we) title intending party play, how should I take Wii U (We, you)? Does that mean even though you're invited to the party, it's all about me?

    At least we'll finally be able to put the rumors of pricing to rest tomorrow. Honestly though, the cheaper it is the more likely the hardware will be bad. The controller eats a decent chunk of cash, anything under 300 would indicate something priced only slightly higher than a Wii.
    Pii U... this console smells
  • zomow
    Going to be better than Xbox 360 and PS3... and its Nintendo so :D
  • aggroboy
    Given iphone 5's relatively tepid feedback, Nintendo can safely make its announcement without being drowned out by Apple hype.
  • fb39ca4
    Nintendo, make a new first person Metroid for this and I will throw money at you.