'Nioh' Gameplay Demo Available April 26-May 5

After 10 years in game development limbo, Team Ninja’s Nioh is finally launching on the PlayStation 4. The PS4-exclusive game is coming sometime in 2016, but developers want to give fans a sneak peek at the game with an alpha demo.

Based on the demo trailer, it seems that you will be able to fight both humans and otherworldly creatures. The game also prides itself on its authentic samurai combat, and you’ll be able to see it in action. In addition to the traditional samurai sword, you’ll be able to eviscerate foes with a spear or flatten them to the ground with a large hammer. If ranged combat is more your style, you can use the bow and arrow. There are also apparently some magic elements in the game, as some scenes depict you summoning a shark and a cute little dog.

If you do manage to clear a stage of the demo, you’ll be rewarded with “The Mark of the Conqueror” DLC for the final game. However, the demo is available for a limited time. You can play it from April 26 through May 5.

After nine years, Nioh was presented last year at the Tokyo Game Show. The game was supposed to be a PlayStation 3 title, but it never came to fruition. At PlayStation Experience, Team Ninja announced that the game was coming to Western audiences, as well. The PlayStation 4 version is supposed to launch at some point this year with updated graphics.

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