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Nvidia Releases New Game Ready Driver For ‘Sniper Elite 4,’ ‘For Honor,’ ‘Halo Wars 2’

Nvidia released a new Game Ready graphics driver, which provides optimal day-one support for a handful of anticipated AAA games.

The new graphics driver (version 378.66) offers the best-possible gaming experience for the latest major game releases, including Sniper Elite 4, For Honor, and Halo Wars 2. Although we didn’t experience any graphics performance issues when we played the For Honor open beta last week, the new driver brings official support to the melee combat game.

The driver also features a new Video SDK (version 8.0), which supports high-bit-depth (10/12-bit) decoding with VP9/HEVC, OpenGL input support for encoder, weighted prediction, and several H.264 ME-only mode enhancements.

There weren’t any SLI profiles added to the new driver, but Sniper Elite 4 received a 3D Vision profile. However, Nvidia doesn’t recommend using it over Sniper Elite 4’s 3D Compatibility Mode profile. For Honor also got a similar treatment, with a 3D Compatibility Mode profile of its own.

You can download the new driver directly from Nvidia’s website or by using GeForce Experience.