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Report: Nvidia Adding ReShade Filters With Upcoming Driver

Example of current Nvidia Freestyle filters
(Image credit: Nvidia)

ReShade is a program that you can use to, well, re-shade your games – otherwise known as using a filter. According to a VideoCardz report this week, Nvidia is adding support for ReShade’s filters with its upcoming GeForce Experience driver.

For a while now, people have been using ReShade as a standalone program, but this has not been without issues. Although not the intended outcome, ReShade has led to people being banned in certain games due to flaws in some games’ anti-cheat detection mechanisms. Additionally, ReShade is also known to have a notable performance penalty – and that’s why Nvidia adding ReShade filters support is interesting. Hopefully it can alleviate some of the issues users have been experiencing.

To overcome some problems, users have turned to using Nvidia’s own filters in GeForce Experience, called Nvidia Freestyle – but this also seemed to be paired with its own set of issues.

Nvidia did not provide VideoCardz with much information about the implementation, simply claiming that gamers will be able to “tap into hundreds of filters.” We’re hoping that with this release, many of the issues people have been experiencing get sorted out, turning post-processing filtering into a much smoother experience. It’s a feature that’s considered very helpful for sprucing older titles up a bit. When it hits, you should be able to find it in GeForce Experience, together with the Nvidia's FreeStyle and Ansel (screenshot capture and share) features.

ReShade within Nvidia’s GeForce Experience should be available with the upcoming driver, which we expect to land alongside the GeForce GTX 1660 Super that’s rumored to land next week.