Nvidia Announces GeForce Now Getting RTX Gaming Servers

(Image credit: Nvidia)

Nvidia has announced that its cloud-based gaming platform, GeForce Now, is getting RTX gaming servers with ray tracing

Starting today at Gamescom in Germany, beta users of the GeForce Now service will be able to take advantage of GeForce RTX gaming over the cloud. The new service promises powerful AAA PC gaming on just about any device-including Android phones, Macs, and underpowered PCs. 

Initially, only users in Germany and Northern California will be able to take advantage of the new RTX servers, though Nvidia promises a larger rollout in the future.

The company also announced that they are in the process of creating an Android mobile app, however there is no time table for its release. Nvidia specifically namechecked Samsung and LG phones, and recommends the use of a Bluetooth gamepad, as most games will require one to be played.

The current version of the GeForce Now service has remained in beta since it was introduced in 2017. Nvidia has said that they are preparing to move out of beta in the coming months, but as of yet there are no details on pricing or launch date. 

GeForce Now faces increased competition in the cloud gaming sector. Google’s cloud gaming service Stadia is set for a November 2019 release, while both Microsoft and Sony are working on their own cloud-based gaming systems.