O2 Announces Pay As You Go 4G LTE Bundle

Earlier this week, EE officially launched the UK's first 4 LTE pay as you go smartphone plans. Now, just a couple of days later, O2 is following suit. The company on Thursday announced that its stores and website are now offering "Pay & Go" tariffs. The new O2 Pay & Go Go Go plan costs £15 and customers' texting, minutes, and data limits will actually go up the longer they stay on the plan.

Under this new plan, new customers will get 500 MB of data, 75 inclusive minutes and 500 texts. After three months, the tariff value doubles to 1 GB of data, 150 inclusive minutes and 1,000 texts. Anyone who has been with O2 for longer than three months will be automatically bumped to this new, higher tier. After six months, customers will get unlimited texting.

O2 also announced that November will bring 4G Mobile Broadband or data-only bundles for tablet owners or those who want to get mobile Internet for the laptop. The company didn't offer details on what we can expect from those plans, so stay tuned for that.

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