Guy Makes a PC Out of Nintendo Wii

Click for gallery!Modding your computer to look cooler is one thing, and overclocking your processor and memory is pretty cool too. But someone has managed to stuff a fully operational desktop PC into Nintendo’s minuscule Wii.

Of course, the internals of the Wii were gutted and everything taken out. But the end result is very interesting. While the Wii is very small, similar desktops are available from companies such as Dell and Apple — like the Mac Mini and Dell Studio desktop.

Check out the gallery of the Wii PC here.

The feat of course is doing it yourself. And this guy has stuffed an Intel Celeron 1.3 GHz processor, a motherboard based on Intel’s 852 chipset, 512 MB of memory and a 40 GB hard drive. Other included accessories are integrated Wi-Fi, digital video output via a DVI connector and even three USB ports — one at the back and two where the original GameCube controller ports were.

Despite the available disc slot on the face of the Wii, he was unable to integrate an optical drive to utilize the opening. However, this is easily remedied by attaching an external optical drive. The builder also managed to stuff in two fans to keep the unit cool. Unfortunately, the fans are small and because of this, have to run at high speeds to keep the overall unit cool. However, if you were building your own miniature PC like this, you can source out small fans that don’t spin so loudly.

The "Wii PC" runs a copy of Windows XP SP3 and while it isn’t the fastest PC out there, it is certainly one of the coolest — especially if you’re a fan of Nintendo and its Wii.

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  • kitsilencer
    Guy Makes a PC Out of Nintendo Wii

    No he didn't. He emptied out the Wii and used it as a glorified case. If I did the same thing with a cereal box, you wouldn't call it "Guy makes a PC out of a Rice Crispies box."

    And you certainly wouldn't post it as a news item.
  • neiroatopelcc
    Gosh a lot of flaming comments! Sure the title is misleading, and no he didn't use the wii hardware as a pc, but nontheless the feat of installing a pc into that awkwardly shaped chassis is considerable.
    People seem to argue that by doing so he proves he has too much time, and too little to do with it ; but how do you guys think art is made? it's certainly not made by people with no time on their hands .... And it's noisy and impractical ; so what? Art experts dismiss the design of practical things as not being art, because those things have a purpose. By using old and inferior hardware, the crafter of this item has effectively avoided giving the 'wii pc' a purpose ; thus making it art.

    And as a piece of art it's marvelous.

    I do however have to agree with the basic fact, that this doesn't belong in the thg news section, but perhaps on tom's guide or something like that.

    ps. if I'd done this, I'd have used the mini itx board by some german company, running a centrino platform with an ati card onboard. Would've rendered the item useful though, and as such denied it the title of art, which I think the creator would be more proud of than being the creator of a simple mini-pc
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  • Anonymous
    Just some guy who had no life and lots of time to stuff some beat up junk into wii's plastic casing. Nothing impressive or cool about it. Post this again when that guy stuffs himself into a wii's casing then i'll be impressed.
  • xx12amanxx
    stopped reading after...."overclocking it your processor"
  • xx12amanxx
    xX12amanXxstopped reading after...."overclocking it your processor"

    Thanks for fixing! Article is pretty interesting and it is cool to read about little projects people take on!...Reminds me of the time i installed an rx-7 13b into a 914 porsche.