Raspberry Pi Pico Powers True Binary Mode Clock

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Dr2mod)

If you’re looking for a fun Raspberry Pi Pico project that’s functional and niche, check out this true binary mode clock created by Dr2mod. This isn’t the first Pico-based project of his we’ve shared but it’s the first true binary mode clock we’ve come across.

The best Raspberry Pi projects are ones you can set up and use once they’re put together and this clock would make a fine addition to any maker’s desk. It’s a little hard to read if you’re new to binary. From top to bottom, the rows represent the current hour, minute and second. An illuminated square represents a one while a dark square represents a zero.

According to Dr2mod, the project is built on top of a Raspberry Pi Pico with a Pico Display Pack module. A precision RTC DS3231 module is used to help keep track of the time. It’s powered by a 200mAh battery connected to a LiPo SHIM.

The code used in this project is a combination of his true binary mode clock and Pico solar system source code—both of which can be found at GitHub

Check out the original thread shared to Reddit for additional details and a demo video of the Pico powered true binary mode clock in action. 

Ash Hill
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