Sony's PlayStation 4 Games Lineup Proves its Status as a Strong Next-Gen Contender

Though Sony's PlayStation 4 announcement event revealed rather little on the hardware front—no pictures, no price, few specs (other than AMD APU inside)… surprise!—making the first hour a rather lackluster bore, Sony showed PS4's true chops when it came to software. Sony CEO Andrew House kicked off the event with a grandiose speech that made it clear that the company's focus was going to be completely consumer-oriented, and that the PS4 was going to meet the needs of the next-gen gamer. He quickly mentioned that Sony would continue to support indie titles—a wise decision, since Xbox Live hasn't exactly been an indie-friendly platform—and experimentation of new financial models, such as free-to-play and episodic.

Recent tech trends have swayed towards social media and personalization, and Sony's no exception. Using the Dualshock 4's 'Share' button, players can easily livestream gameplay footage, as the PS4 features dedicated always-on video compression and video decompression. Users will also be able to personalize their PS4 experience through their likes and dislikes, and in the future, according to Lead System Architect Mark Cerny, the PS4 may even go the Big Brother route and "predict" what games a user might like and pre-download them, allowing a user to instantaneously play games right after purchase.

Sony's acquirement of game streaming service Gaikai was the crux of the two-pronged effort. Gaikai CEO Dave Perry took to the stage to discuss Sony's plans for social media and streaming content. Perry's announced the company's partnership and UStream and Facebook, though the company didn't really elucidate the details of these relationships. Using Gaikai's technology, the PS4 will allow gamers to preview games before having to buy through instantaneous streaming. The PS4 will allow broadcasting of gameplay footage and spectating. Gaikai technology will even allow your friends to remotely step-in and take control of a game, lest you have trouble on a portion of the game. Despite the impressive showing, Perry ended his portion of the presentation on a low note, announcing that the PS4 didn't feature backwards compatibility "right now", meaning gamers hoping to revisit older titles are going to have to pull out their old consoles or prepare their wallets.

The event took a turn towards the positive when Sony began announcing games. Drawing on the power of exclusives and its IP, Sony's started its games portion with its arms swinging. No doubt the company hopes to avoid the fate that the PS Vita and competitor Wii U have been doomed to with a lackluster lineup.

Beside's Cerny's pet project Knack, a brand new IP reminiscent of Pixar's works, Sony confirmed Ubisoft's Watch Dogs, Bungie's Destiny, a new Square Enix Final Fantasy,new Capcom fantasy Deep Down, Killzone: Shadow Fall, infamous: Sword Son, and Evolution Studios's DriveClub. Jonathan Blow's The Witness, giving Sony some indie cred, was announced as a timed exclusive. Blizzard took to the stage for a company-first console reveal and, no doubt to the fire-setting ire of PC gamers across the world, announced that Diablo III would be coming to PS3 and PS4. The news wasn't too much of a shock, considering that the developer hasn't exactly been secretive about its experiments with Diablo III on console. Blizzard's motivation behind the game's simplified UI also suddenly makes a little more sense.

All Diablo drama aside, though Sony's announcement event shocked no one, the company's proved itself to be a strong contender in the next console generation race, if not by innovation, then by the sheer force of its great title lineup.    

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  • DjEaZy
    ... and other thing... because of the hardware specs... it would be easier to port games from PS4 to PC...
  • djones171
    I agree with DjEaZy, and it is starting to make little sense in buying a consol over building your own PC. The exclusive content and online play are probably the only reasons; however, the consol is going to have cheap PC parts with a very closed system OS. Sounds like a waste of money to me because you could build a custom PC with good parts and play free triple A games on a PC.
  • steve360
    Diablo 3 on the console - Activision's goal of corrupting Blizzard is complete.
  • If farcry3 looks very good for a very old console with only 512mb ram and the last uncharted looks fantastic can you imagine how these games will look on the ps4?! All the power plus 8 gb of utra fast ram should make the WAW and also to run at 1080p 60fps cant wait!!!
  • battlecrymoderngearsolid
    Consoles are for idiots. Sadly, there are a lot of idiots.
  • atavax
    i think the only thing they could of announced that would of gotten me excited was very impressive hardware specs for significantly less than you would spend to build a pc with them, and have them advertise as easy to jailbreak... but that would never happen...
  • ohim
    Guess now the graphics on PC games will increase a bit and the stagnate again for another 10 years.
  • manofchalk
    infamous: Sword Son
    I believe its InFamous: Second Son.
  • Parrdacc
    Wait and see boys and girls is my advice. If you in the market for a console wait till they are all out and then decide. Till then, imo, its all pretty pictures and talk.
  • bunz_of_steel
    Oh yeh forgot to mention like the stupid PS3 .... still only has 802.11G! suk!!!!