George W. Bush and Madonna most popular people on the web

If you haven't known it before, here's the official confirmation. According to "The Pop List," president George W. Bush leads the popularity ranking for men on the Internet and singer Madonna for women - at least when you count the number of appearances on web pages.

The website claims that the name of George W. Bush surfaces on a total of 315 million pages, while Madonna, listed 5th in the mixed ranking, appears on 66 million pages.

What about the other usual suspects?

According to the list, Bill Gates is the second most popular person on the Internet with a total of 117 million listings, followed by George Washington with 97 million and John F. Kennedy with 82 million. In case you already wondered, yes, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are also among the most popular celebrities on the web: Spears is listed on position number 9 (53 million); Paris Hilton missed the top-10: She is listed on 13 with 44 million web pages.

American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson is already ranked 29th (23 million) and outpaces Donald Trump (47, 19 million) by a clear margin. At the end of the list we find former Sun chief executive Scott McNealy (457, 2.9 million), basketball player Shaquille O'Neal (485, 2.7 million) and entertainer Groucho Marx (493, 2.7 million).

The complete list can be viewed on the The Pop List website.