Raspberry Pi 4 Cluster Fits in Bag with Network Switch

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Toadrill)

We’ve seen Raspberry Pi clusters before but this portable cluster, created by a Reddit maker known as Toadrill, is the first one we’ve come across that’s housed inside of a bag. Not only does it contain an impressive stack of Pi 4’s, they’re each connected to a switch with some notably satisfying cable management.

The concept was developed for a trade show and intended to demonstrate a portable form factor, however, a mobile power source would be necessary for it to truly be a portable cluster.

According to Toadrill, all of the Pi’s are running Folding@home, a community-driven application designed to simulate protein folding for research and development, on 64-bit Raspberry Pi OS. This system isn’t necessarily optimal for Folding@home but Toadrill wanted to share something interesting with others at the trade show.

This project involves more than just stuffing Pis into a bag, they’re actually mounted to a custom, 3D-printed frame. Toadrill credits Reddit user Merocle for the 3D printed cluster rack used in this project.

Check out the original thread shared to Reddit for a closer look and more details about its assembly. 

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