Raspberry Pi Powered BMO Is a Custom Adventure Time TV

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Davidforthewynne)

It all started when Brandon Withrow created a replica of The Simpson’s family TV that plays episodes of the classic cartoon. The idea took the Raspberry Pi community by storm and makers everywhere have started making their own cartoon-themed TV projects. Today the adventure continues as we have this awesome BMO-themed TV project to share created by a maker known on Reddit as Davidforthewynne.

This project features a shell shaped like the Adventure Time character BMO. When the Pi inside boots, you get a glimpse of BMO’s face on the desktop before it begins to play episodes of Adventure Time.

The case is 3D printed and ordered from an Etsy maker who designed it to originally be a dock for the Nintendo Switch. David requested the buttons not be glued into place so they could be used as controls for the project. One of the buttons isn’t even a button, it’s a knob with a potentiometer used to control volume.

Inside you’ll find a Raspberry Pi Zero running Raspberry Pi Video Looper to continuously show episodes. It features a power button capable of safely shutting BMO on and off, a 7-inch screen for the face and has a speaker mounted to the back for audio output.

If there’s one thing we can say definitively, it’s 'rhombus'. This project is algebraic! The best Raspberry Pi projects are ones you can recreate at home and this is one of them. To get a closer look at how it all goes together, check out the original thread shared to Imgur and be sure to follow Davidforthewynne for more cool projects.

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