Raspberry Pi Zero Powers Professional Camera Rig

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: eat-sleep-code)

Professional camera rigs don't always carry pro-level price tags, thanks to our favorite single-board computer —the Raspberry Pi. Such was the case with Eat-sleep-code's cinema-style Raspberry Pi camera we covered last month and again this week with his new Camera Zero project, a more compact module featuring a Raspberry Pi Zero and an Arducam.

According to Eat-sleep-code, this new project is ideal for things like stop-motion and photogrammetry. The best Raspberry Pi projects are loaded with features and the Camera Zero is full of them. It has a built-in ring light and can be controlled remotely using a web interface.

Because of the online features, a Raspberry Pi Zero W is required. The camera is from an Arducam High-Quality Camera kit and the ring light is a 16-pixel RGBW Neopixel light from Adafruit.

There's also a Pimoroni trackball used for controlling the camera. You can find all of the necessary code used on GitHub. The housing is 3D printed and open-source, as well, with files available on Thingiverse. To read more about this project in detail check out the original thread on Reddit.

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