Raspberry Pi Cyberdeck Shares Space with Intel NUC

Msglab Cyberdeck
(Image credit: msglab)

If you're a fan of cyberdecks, you've got to check out this one created and shared by msg lab. Not only does it house our favorite SBC, the Raspberry Pi, but there's also room for an Intel NUC inside.

The current build features an Intel NUC with a Core i7 CPU on the left and a Raspberry Pi Model 4 on the right. There is one display shared between the devices.

Under the keyboard is a KVM switch, this allows you to jump between either machine and keep using the same screen and keyboard.

The display is a touchscreen measuring 7-inches across. There is additional room to the side for an eInk display. Projects are possible with the addition of a breakout board and a Pimoroni Micro Dot pHAT adds a matrix display. The Raspberry Pi is portable, operating on two 3.6mAh 18650 batteries.

There's tons of information about this awesome dual cyberdeck on the msg lab website. If you want to read more about how it's made and what it can do, check out the full post yourself. 

Ash Hill
Contributing Writer

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    It really is a cool project, besides the MSG Lab he also wrote about it here https://cyberdeck.cafe/mix/msg