Raspberry Pi DIY Robot Blows Bubbles for You

(Image credit: LiquidPsycho)

You could really bring some fun into your summer with this automated Bubble Bot. It does exactly what it sounds like: delivers a continuous supply of bubbles for its owner. The cool thing is that this robot was made by a Reddit user known as LiquidPsycho and is controlled entirely by a Raspberry Pi.

Bubble Bot, like many Raspberry Pi projects, had a few iterations before reaching the final version shared on Reddit earlier this week. According to LiquidPsycho, one big (and hilarious to picture) problem was a rowdy servo that kept throwing bubble solution everywhere. The maker was able to fix the issue in the final code.

(Image credit: LiquidPsycho)

This DIY robot uses a Raspberry Pi Zero and works by dipping a bubble wand into bubble solution with a servo motor. A fan is used to blow the bubbles. You can see it in action on Reddit.

LiquidPsycho provided a complete list of hardware used in the project. It uses a servo, motor and relay board, as well as a 5V 2.1A power bank. If you use the same hardware, you will need a separate lithium-ion battery to power the motor because the power bank isn't strong enough to run everything used in the setup. You may want to consider power alternatives if you plan on building this robot yourself.

You can check out the robot's source code on Github, as well as a detailed list of hardware needed to construct your own Pi-powered bubble bot. Be sure to follow LiquidPsycho on Reddit for more cool Raspberry Pi projects.

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