Raspberry Pi Zero Hexapod Bot Crawls To Life

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Max K)

We love Raspberry Pi-powered robots and the more legs they have the better! Limbs take a lot of work to program and control. That's why we're impressed to see creations like this ZeroBug hexapod robot from maker Max K. Not only does it come with six legs, the ZeroBug even has a little pincher in front.

The best Raspberry Pi projects are ones one you can play with. This cute little spider-like critter is controlled using a Bluetooth video game controller. 

The body is 3D-printed and uses 18 individual servos. For power, the unit relies on a 2600mAh 6V NIMH battery. 

Processing-wise, a Raspberry Pi Zero W is used alongside a STM32F103 microcontroller.

The Pi Zero is responsible for handling the controller input and translating it into commands for the STM32F103. The Pi also provides a platform for wireless support.

Controlling 18 servos isn't easily done with a Raspberry Pi. Most of the time, you'll need an extra board to help carry a load that size, which is where the STM32 module comes in. It's responsible for processing all of the locomotion, so the Pi Zero can focus on things like controller input. You can read more about the design on the project GitHub page.

Visit the project breakdown at Hackaday for more details, pictures and animations of the ZeroBug design.

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