This Raspberry Pi Magic 8 Ball Says Your Fortune Out Loud

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: DevMiser)

Maker and developer DevMiser is shaking things up with this awesome Raspberry Pi-powered Magic 8 Ball. This clever project adds a twist to the classic toy by not only telling you your fortune but also playing it through a speaker.

It doesn’t take much computing power to operate this Magic 8 Ball, making the Raspberry Pi Zero an ideal candidate. The interface is also incredibly user-friendly. The Magic 8 Ball is mounted on top of a stand ,so instead of shaking the ball, users press a button on the top and wait for the ball to answer your question out loud with the help of a simple Python script.

We always insist the best Raspberry Pi projects are the ones you can make at home. DevMiser was awesome enough to share all of the components you need to create a working Magic 8 Ball of your own. Inside, you’ll find a Pi Zero, an I2S amplifier board, a speaker, and an LED arcade button.

The housing was created entirely from scratch by DevMiser. Using FreeCAD, he designed both the Magic 8 Ball and the stand for it to sit on top of. The final casing was printed using a Prusa Mini 3D printer.

To get a closer look at this project in action, check out the official DevMiser YouTube channel. Should you follow him for more cool projects? Our sources say yes.

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