Raspberry Pi Pico Flashes LEDs inside Halloween Figures To Music

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Dr2mod)

Halloween projects just keep getting better — especially now that we have the Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller on hand. Its low power consumption and basic programming requirements make it optimal for projects with more simple demands like this awesome set of Halloween figures, created by Dr2mod, that flashes LEDs to music in real-time.

The best Raspberry Pi projects are interactive, and this one relies on a microphone for input. As music plays, the figures will flash LEDs in sync to the beat as sound is detected. According to Dr2mod, the system is USB-controlled. While the primary function is to respond to input from the mic, it’s also programmed with a default standby mode that goes into effect when the USB control is not in use.

The main operation is controlled by a Raspberry Pi Pico which outputs to an LED with a circuit requiring a resistor. To get a closer look at the code used in this project, as well as the wiring, check out the project page at GitHub.

It doesn’t take much to recreate this project but it helps if you already have a 3D printer. That said, there are companies that will 3D print files for you if you don’t have access to one. The 3D printer files are available for free at Thingiverse.

Head over to the original thread shared to Reddit for a video demo of this project in action.

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