This Raspberry Pi Tricorder is Straight Out of The Alpha Quadrant

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Himmelin4)

We've encountered beaucoups of Raspberry Pi cyberdecks over the years and even a few tricorders but this is one of the coolest Pi-based tricorder cyberdecks we've come across. It was created by a maker who goes by Himmelen4 and is designed to resemble a TR-560 Tricorder VI standard model from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The best Raspberry Pi projects make science fiction a reality—something Star Trek has provided inspiration for over the years. According to Himmelen4, it's fully customizable so modifying the design is possible for a variety of functions. It has multiple screens and a custom keyboard that can be programmed for any input needs.

Himmelin4 has shared plenty of pictures on Imgur that show off the internal components which are very well-packed inside the tricorder case. The outer shell is 3D-printed and even has holes for external port access.

It relies on a Raspberry Pi Zero and includes additional components to bring the cyberdeck together like a GPS board and a NESDR SDR radio module. There are two Adafruit screens used in the tricorder design: one in the top half and a smaller screen next to the keyboard in the bottom half. The keyboard was wired from scratch and featured 3D-printed keycaps.

This project is a work in progress so be sure to follow Himmelen4 for more updates. In the meantime, visit the original thread on Reddit to see the progress so far.

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