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Raspberry Pi Project Helps Track Glucose Levels

(Image credit: Paulcole710)

Any Raspberry Pi project that makes life a little easier is a success in our book. Dexcom systems already do that by helping users monitor blood sugar levels. This Raspberry Pi project shared by Paulcole710 on Reddit can help streamline readings by interacting with a Dexcom system to provide a visual depiction of the glucose data.

This DIY Dexcom tracker uses an E-Ink display to show a trend arrow informing whether or not the current glucose level is within an appropriate range. According to Paulcole710, this saved him from stressing too much over specific numbers. It also removed the burden of needing to use a phone every time he wanted to check for changes.

The project is built on top of a Raspberry Pi and relies on a Python script to manage the E-ink display. Paulcole710 used a Python API called PyDexcom, which allowed him to pull data from the Dexcom system as needed in his script. The maker used this Python library to control the E-ink display.

Paulcole710's project is very useful as-is, but the creator already has ideas for improvement. For example, the display currently updates every 9 minutes, and he is considering making one of the buttons on the E-ink display update the display on demand.

If you're interested in this project and want to keep an eye out for updates, you can follow Paulcole710 on Reddit..