Samsung Could be Working on a Smart Fitness Band

Based on information provided by Korean news source DDaily, Samsung is reportedly working on a fitness tracking wristband, similar to the Nike FuelBand SE, the Fitbit Flex and the Jawbone Up. The device is unofficially referred to as the Galaxy Band, and may be one of many gadgets Samsung reveals during CES 2014 next month, or MWC 2014 on February.

Unnamed Samsung officials claim that the Galaxy Band will focus on healthcare. Digital Trends speculates that Galaxy Band could be an updated version of the S Band, which was launched alongside the Galaxy S4 and made use of Samsung's S Health app. This next generation model will even sport a digital readout.

According to the report, the Galaxy Band will contain all the sensors you need to track steps and other forms of movement, to track the number of calories burned, GPS navigation and even environmental data. There's also speculation that the wearable tech will use the same voice control system found in the Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

Website GalaxyClub actually shows a patent exhibiting a flexible screen on a band saying "Let's meet at 10am, run: 20 min 5km." A second image shows a bike rider wearing the Galaxy Band on his left wrist and a connected phone stuffed in a backpack. Like smartwatches, this smart band will require a Bluetooth connection to retrieve data such as the weather and so on.

That said, will Samsung lock compatibility to Galaxy phones, or can customers connect with any Bluetooth-capable phone? We'll likely find out in the next several months.

  • UVB076
    Does everything REALLY have to be "smart"?
  • 3ogdy
    UVB076 has a f. point. What the h. is wrong with Samsung? Are they really out of ideas for product names that they have to call them "smart"+ common name and make a "brand" out of it? WTF? Screw this whole smart a** naming scheme.
    Make it double as a Smatwatch. People don't want to carry around all kinds of crap.
  • nonoitall
    12279512 said:
    Does everything REALLY have to be "smart"?
    We need more smart devices to compensate for the dwindling number of smart people. ;-)