Samsung Planning iWatch Rival Using AltiusOS

You know Apple was testing the iWatch waters with the release of its sixth-generation iPod nano. The gadget was square and could be worn on a wrist like a watch. Apple even released a series of custom watch faces exclusively for this device. Now it's no longer offered by Apple, but it can be found on sale over on eBay, and seems to be quite a hot product.

That said, Apple jumping into the smartwatch pool isn't surprising. It's also not surprising to see Samsung take the same plunge, not to be outdone by its former fruity iFriend. If there's one gorging thorn in Apple's heel, it's Samsung packed with Google's widely-used Android OS.

Let the battle begin.

Slashgear has acquired screenshots of what appears to be a smartwatch from Samsung called the Galaxy Altius. The images were reportedly ripped from a Korean message board in a thread that asked how this watch would fit within the rest of the market. One image even lists the AltiusOS, a possible Java- or Android-based operating system designed by Samsung.

The screenshots also reveal that this device will be carried by South Korea's SK Telecom, the "world's most innovative" mobile service provider. With a data plan, the watch may simply pull information from a 3G network rather than rely on a smartphone's Bluetooth connection. If a phone is present, it may stream info from that device instead.

However the screens indicate that it's a standalone device rather than complimenting a user's phone. The device appears to have 235 MB of internal storage, 1.5-percent of which is likely consumed by the AltiusOS operating system. The report also notes that beta 2 is shown in the images, indicating that the software was built specifically for this device, for that it has been fitted for this particular form factor.

The "home screen" consists of WP8-like titles including a music player, clock, email and more. A scroll bar at the bottom indicates that the LCD screen is touch-based, and the user swipes a finger left and right to access additional tiles. The resolution may be 500 x 500 but that's speculation based on the size of the images.

The new images bring some confusion to the Altius name. Last month brought reports that Samsung's next-generation Galaxy S device slated for a release in April is codenamed "Altius". The flagship device was formerly codenamed "Project J" but changed to the Altius name. It may be possible this codename is used across a broad lineup of devices slated to launch in the same window, including the Galaxy S and smartwatch.

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  • underpatch
    Is this even something people want? Just asking.
  • vertigo_2000
    A data plan for my watch? Pass. My Citizen Eco-Drive works just fine thanks.
  • g00fysmiley
    smart watch as a acessory to a smartphone makes sense imo, the sony smartwatch is cool, shows me my facebook updates, emails, texts and limited functions for other uses but overall a useful device. 500x500 pixels is exciting abotu this one but i hope it is color instead of just black and white and if it funcitons or has the option to function through my galaxy nexus to display the same stuff with a higher pizel densit ythen i would be interested if the price is decent. now are they a must have... no but liek where i work i can't have my phoen out so the smartwatch lets me glance at notifications and send notificaitons on misse dcalls or texts without pulling out a phone
  • fuzznarf
    headline should read "Apple unveils iWatch idea stolen from Samsung to rival Samsung's smart watch" considering that Samsung unveiled theirs first.
  • chill1221 weren't wearing it right!
  • robochump
    Monkey see Monkey do :)
  • house70
    robochumpMonkey see Monkey doSounds like you just called the mighty Apple a monkey, since they copied SONY and Pebble smartwatch, among others.
    Anyhow, the idea is not new:
    The fact that this or that manufacturer tries to integrate it with their own devices is progress, IMO.

    On the article: sounds like Kevin never heard of this idea before. Either that (which is unacceptable for a tech news reporter), or he's trying really hard to troll us with some Samsung vs. Apple (non-existent) spin - which is unacceptable for any reporter. Article fail.
  • Unless they start building the watches with built-in GPS sensor instead of just syncing with the phone via Bluetooth, MotoACTV still rules!
  • Amen2That
    Dear Samsung,

    Don't get caught up in the iWatch affair. You are a top manufacturer with all the resources you need to be a leader. There is no need to follow the beaten iPath. You have bendable displays and electronics on the way within your own factories. Show us all the creative things you can do. I fully expect you to have wearable communication devices such as wristband phones/tablets, bluetooth earrings, augmented reality glasses, and smart jackets in the market before the end of the decade.

    Tech Fan
  • I own 1 watch, and have not worn it more than twice in 5 years!

    I never feel the need to look at my wrist to tell the time, ever!