Sony Smartphone Lens Attachment Leaked

Sony has recently been spending their time focusing on creating the ultimate phone accessory: a detachable camera lens that can turn any iOS or Android device into a pseudo DSLR camera. Not only will this give ordinary smartphones a photographic edge over specially designed camera smartphones (such as the Nokia Lumia 1020), but will also give the Japanese manufacturer an edge over other companies that have developed similar, but less targeted hardware. 

The two lens models (seen above) have been subject to a curious leak prior to the expected launch date at IFA 2013. The labeled schematic and descriptions from the manual show that both models will come with power (1) and reset buttons (11), as well as a built-in microphone (2), shutter (9) and ring control (6), display panel (3), zoom lever (8), multinational jack (10), and status indicator (7). A belt clip (4) and tripod attachment (5) are also present. The rechargeable lenses come in a larger, heavier version (DSC-QX100 weighing in at 179g) and a smaller and lighter version (DSC-QX10 at 105g). While nothing is confirmed yet, this latest glance at an easier way to improve smartphone photography has already sparked our interest, and we will keep you up to date on more developments from Sony.


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  • wemakeourfuture
    Doesn't change the fact that the sensor is sub-DSLR...
  • clonazepam
    They forgot the DSC-QX10R and DSC-QX100R.
    The 'R' refers to the rose colored tint that many smartphones seem to filter out. Users can now restore the images to what they see normally w/o additional software required.
  • RooD
    I have been waiting for this to happen. Not to buy it but for it to be a thing
  • 1991ATServerTower
    That's so messed up! Seriously, just about a week ago I was looking at pictures from phone and I thought to myself, "it's not the sensor that makes the images grainy, it's the amount of light getting to it". So I played around with an old pair of binoculars and sure enough in the same lighting, the image was way more crisp using the binoculars. Also, the real optical zoom beat the pants off the digital zoom.

    Great minds think alike I guess.
  • Parsian
    Actually, in some other threat I heard this is a whole package of Sensors, Optics and WiFi chip. The idea is, you mount this to the phone and it gets link via WiFi. All the imaging is done on this Lens+Sensor unit and it sends that data to the phone for processing. So it isn't just a lens, it is a Imaging System that links to the phone. I also read that the device supposedly carries a 2/3" sensor which is similar to Nokia 1020's in size.
  • BranFlake5
    Hopefully this offers decent quality at a decent price. It would be convenient to carry this in a backpack or purse and pull it out for events or photo worthy moments. It seems more practical (to me at least) to have this than a phone with a giant camera sticking out. If the quality is right, I'd like to see this go well in the market.