Report: Tesco's Tablet is a 7-inch Slate Called Hudl

Recently, word got out that Tesco was planning on releasing its own tablet device. Though the details were thin on the ground, the story went that Tesco hoped to release this tablet before Christmas and that it would come pre-loaded with books, TV, and music as well as Tesco apps. Today, the Guardian is reporting that the tablet will be called Hudl, will measure seven inches and will be priced to match Google's Nexus 7 or the Kindle Fire HD.

The newspaper cites sources in the hardware industry in reporting that Tesco hopes to compete with Google and Amazon while also offering customers an easy way to purchase media content as well as other goods. Considering the company already offers online shopping, owns an ebook store and offers video on demand via Blinkbox, it's not exactly an off-the-wall idea.

The Guardian reports that Tesco applied for the Hudl trademark in February for a range of different goods including screen protectors, tablets and accessories, internet set-top boxes and wireless speakers. The company hasn't yet commented on the tablet rumors but with Christmas only 125 days away, we don't have to wait too long to see if this one pans out.

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