Race On Land, Air, And Sea In 'The Crew 2'

Ubisoft’s country-wide racing game is back. At its annual E3 conference, The Ivory Tower revealed The Crew 2, and this time around you’ll have more vehicles to use as you race for the title "King of All Motorsport."

Fans of the first version can still race around with traditional cars, but you can also race for pole position in the air, water, or even off-road areas. The new game will also feature motorcycles, trucks (which were included in the original via the Wild Run expansion), speedboats, and planes. At any time throughout your journey, you can immediately switch to another vehicle type so that you can try new events.

Speaking of events, there's a multitude of challenges awaiting you throughout the land formally known as Motornation. Once you complete an event, you can challenge your friends and see if they can beat your high score. In the main campaign, the game will feature four "motorsports families": freestyle drivers, professional racers, amateur street racers, and off-road experts. When you visit each family's headquarters, you can acquire new vehicles and customization items, but you can also gain the same items simply by competing in game's many events.

The presentation also revealed that you can still tune your cars so that you can have the ultimate vehicle to easily beat your opponents. With four different ways to traverse the map, it will take some time before you master all four vehicle types. The game is scheduled to come out some time in early 2018.