This Raspberry Pi Scoreboard Keeps Score for Any Game

(Image credit: Ty and Gig Builds)

Tired of jotting down scores when playing games with your friends? Keep score in style and do it yourself with this Raspberry Pi scoreboard project from Ty and Gig Builds on YouTube. 

The scoreboard is comprised of seven individual message boards. Each board features a series of LEDs lined up into a grid shape. The boards are operated entirely by a Raspberry Pi Zero. According to Ty, an additional power supply was necessary to help supply enough voltage to control all of the boards.

The board itself is made of plywood, serving mainly as housing for the LED boards. When designing this project yourself, you could use any material to house the scoreboard hardware. You could even 3D print a custom scoreboard case.

The Raspberry Pi is able to control the LEDs using a custom Python script which runs on Raspberry Pi OS. There is a complimentary web server that was written using Ruby on Rails.

We really like projects that are easy to try at home. Ty and Gig Builds provides everything you need to get started on their official YouTube channel. If you have any questions, you may want to drop them a comment. Be sure to follow them for future updates and more cool projects!

Ash Hill
Freelance News and Features Writer

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