This Raspberry Pi Slot Machine Plays Random Videos

(Image credit: AirHamyes)

This project will leave you asking for just one more turn. It's a Raspberry Pi-powered slot machine created by Reddit user AirHamyes. Every time you press the button, you roll a chance for a random Vine video.

The slot machine components are housed inside a custom 3D-printed case. There is an illuminated button fitted on top of the case. When you press the button, the input is transmitted to the GPIO of a Raspberry Pi 2, although you could easily swap the Pi 2 for a newer model.

(Image credit: AirHamyes)

The Pi uses a Voice HAT from Google along with a speaker from their AIY Voice Kit. The screen is a Uctronics TFT display. Together, this provides both an interface for the slot machine and all the output peripherals necessary to playback a Vine video. To make the project mobile, AirHamyes uses a 13000 mah power bank to power the whole operation.

If Vine videos aren't your speed, as the platform has been gone for some time, you could easily replace them with something else. The slot machine could trigger music or interact with home hardware by adjusting lights. You could even set up a rewards system for guests at a party to play with—the possibilities are seemingly endless!

If you want to see it in action, check out the original Reddit thread. You can follow AirHamyes on Reddit for updates and more cool Pi projects. 

Ash Hill
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