QOTD: Which Dead Companies Do You Miss?

We've come quite a long way in technology and general computing, and yet, relatively, we've only just begun.

Throughout the years, many companies have come and gone. Some companies died out completely, while others retreated to overseas business. Some companies still exist, but have exited the market that they were once famous for. An example of a company that is still very much around, but no longer does business in what we all recognize it for is Matrox. I remember when I wrote some of the first reviews of its products and was very much connected with Matrox on an engineering level. Now, the company is focused on business and enterprise products exclusively.

Another favorite company of mine was Aureal. It made the infamous Aureal 3D chip, which was on several cards, including the Diamond Monster Sound. At the time, when the concept of surround sound was just making its way onto the PC, and most people were confined to two desktop speakers, Aureal made a huge impact. Aureal's A3D API was very impressive in creating realistic surround sound from just two speakers. Aureal's intellectual property was eventually bought by Creative.

During those years, innovation was very rapid and great products appeared all the time. And who could forget 3dfx? I don't even have to explain what it did for the gaming community. For those who don't know, 3dfx was the company that brought high-performance true 3D graphics to the mainstream. I owned the very first Diamond Monster 3D--and every 3dfx product that was released thereafter. 3dfx's assets and intellectual property were eventually bought out by Nvidia and helped to create the Nvidia we know today. SLI anyone?

The question of the day is: Which dead companies, or which companies that exited, do you miss?

It can be any company, from hardware to software.

  • Nik_I
    what about all those "other" x86 chipmakers? i remember upgrading an old pentium 75Mhz to an IDT Winchip 180Mhz. it was kind of cool for there to be more than two possible chip makers, even if they were all intel designs.
  • hotroderx
    Gainward I don't know why they pulled out of the United States but there cards were top notch there golden sample was so sweet a chip that was overclockable with a warranty and you knew you where getting top tier stuff
  • cruiseoveride
    Definitely 3DFx.

    Voodoo, Voodoo, who-do-what-you-dont-dare-to-people!

  • Herbert_HA
    Damned, I miss adventure games!! Ok, I know it's not a company, but those games were awesome and i miss them! I remember spending days playing Monkey Island, Indiana Jone, Full Throttle, Heart of China, Dig...wtf happened to Lucas Arts, Sierra and all those other companies????
  • JimmiG
    Probably Commodore. I was an Amiga user until about 1998. The Amiga is still "kind of" alive (Amiga OS 4.1 was released in September 2008), but it's not the same as it was owning an Amiga in the mid 90's.

    3dfx would be a close second. I've owned a Voodoo1, Voodoo3 and Voodoo5 before moving on to Nvidia and then ATI. Good times.
  • royalcrown
    I miss Labtec speakers, they could put Logitech in their place...now they make cheap ass headsets in china or some crap.
  • kewlfrog
    Aureal and 3dfx WOOT GLIDE!
  • stray_gator
    Origin, Interplay, an on a different note - Aldus
  • Zoonie
    Hmm.. Technics! How I miss Technics! And no, Panasonic can't live up to what Technics stood for.

    Also, Sega for making consoles and PowerVR for making consumer products.. I guess we could call them "semi-dead" hehe.
  • smartel7070
    When I read the title on the homepage I immediately thought of 3dfx and I got a big smile on my face when I saw the picture above ! So 3dfx it is.

    I just hope that if you run the same article in 2 or 3 years that people won't be responding with AMD ....... They have to stay alive so we have someone to keep Intel in line.