Transmeta offers Efficeon reference design kit

No time to waste at Transmeta: After hinting that it may stop manufacturing processors and shift and IP licensing model earlier this week, the company now introduced an evaluation platform and a reference design kit for the Efficeon processor. The kit is described as "manufacturing-ready reference design comprising schematics, PCB layout, bill of materials, reference design guide and drivers with BIOS support available from multiple BIOS vendors".

The hardware platform comes with a TM8820 processor (1.0 and 1.5 GHz) on a four-layer Mini-ITX form factor motherboard, measuring 170 mm x 170 mm. The kit includes on-board video/graphics, audio, Ethernet, USB 2.0, and IDE interfaces. Transmeta advertises the board for "industrial and computing products" for embedded systems, automotive applications, media centers, and consumer electronic devices.

Transmeta said that it will make the reference design kit available to its customers during this quarter. (THG)

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