Weather inquirers prefer cell phone over PC

Chicago (IL) - According to a new study by MobileWeb Metrix, which tracks trends among mobile Internet use, more users are looking up weather information from their cell phones than from a notebook or desktop PC.

The survey takes a look at people who regularly access mobile Web applications from their phone and those who use the Internet on their computer. Although there is a much smaller group of Americans who fit the former category, many of those who do look up forecast information.

The survey showed that 22.1% of mobile Internet users had accessed, the Web version of The Weather Channel, and the leading online weather source. Only 12.7% of the surveyed people did so on their computer.

MobileWeb Metrix also looked at other online weather sources. saw use from 7.5% of the cell phone users compared to 1.7% of PC users. Yahoo Weather logged numbers of 9% and 5.7% for mobile and PC Web users, respectively.

Numbers on the cell phone side includes people who access embedded weather buttons and applications in the cell phone menu. Because most phones with Web access provide one or two button press access to weather information, users are clearly more inclined to look up that information from their phone than specifically head to a weather site on their computer.