Win big this holiday season with an AMD-powered HP OMEN desktop

An HP OMEN desktop setup.
(Image credit: HP)

 A gaming PC is an excellent gift to get for gamers this holiday season, but it can be difficult to know which kind of computer to get to achieve the best balance between cost and performance. Thankfully, HP’s OMEN desktops powered by AMD hardware make the choice easy, as compared to competitors, they offer tons of value for a very approachable price. Here’s why you should consider getting an AMD-powered HP OMEN desktop for a gamer in your life (or for yourself!) over the holidays. 

 Top-notch gaming performance 


Above all else, a gaming PC needs to, well, play games to a high standard. Thankfully, HP OMEN PCs with AMD hardware deliver all the performance you need to enjoy modern titles. The HP OMEN 25L Desktop GT12-0240m offers strong 1080p performance with its air-cooled Ryzen 5 3500 and 3600 CPUs and Radeon RX 5500 GPU, while the HP OMEN 30L Desktop GT13-0280z delivers incredible 1080p performance and a fantastic 1440p experience with its beefy air-cooled Ryzen 9 3900 processor and powerful Radeon RX 5700XT graphics. Both systems can be configured with anywhere between 8 and 32GB of quality DDR4 memory, and both can also be outfitted with up to 2TB of SSD storage and 2TB of secondary HDD storage as well. 

Something that’s also important to highlight is that all of the AMD hardware in HP OMEN PCs are built with 7nm technology, which translates to more efficient power usage and less buildup of heat and noise compared to competing hardwares. For gamers who care about making sure their desktops are as quiet and cool as possible, this 7nm design is much appreciated.

Overall, considering the fact that 1080p and 1440p gaming is considered the “sweet spot” and that AMD hardware is widely renowned for offering excellent performance at a killer price, HP’s AMD-powered OMEN desktops are some of the most cost-effective PCs for gaming on the market. Also, AMD-exclusive softwares like Radeon Boost and Radeon Anti-Lag help optimize in-game performance, while AMD Link allows you to stream your games from your PC to other devices like smartphones or tablets, which you can then play them on. Additionally, you can also use these desktops to record and stream gameplay to share with your friends and the wider gaming community.

 Unrivaled multitasking power and content creation 

 Another excellent feature of HP’s AMD OMEN desktops is that while they’re intended mainly for gaming, they also double wonderfully as multitasking systems. This is because Ryzen processors top the competition when it comes to multithreading, which is how CPUs utilize cores to handle multiple tasks at once. Therefore, if you or a gamer you know needs a machine that can perform well running multiple programs at once as well as a rig that’s great for gaming, a Ryzen-driven HP OMEN device will be a perfect fit.  

 Style that can’t be beat 

 Another thing that makes HP OMEN desktops superior to other pre-built PCs is how stylish they look. Featuring a smooth dark black chassis, transparent glass covers on the front and side, and trims and accents of RGB lighting, HP OMEN systems are the definition of snazzy. Some of the components they can be configured have RGB lights on them as well, which gives the inside of the desktop a striking look too. 

 These PCs can do it all – and at a great price, too 

An HP OMEN desktop being used to game.

(Image credit: HP)

Both the HP OMEN 25L Desktop GT12-0240m and the HP OMEN 30L Desktop GT13-0280z are fantastic choices for folks who are looking for a rig that performs excellently for gaming while also crushing productivity tasks and looking unbelievably stylish. And with starting prices of $799 and $1,099 respectively, this kind of awesome performance is more affordable than ever before. If you’re looking to treat a gamer in your life (or yourself) with an amazing gift this holiday season, things don’t get any better than an AMD-powered HP OMEN desktop. 


The HP OMEN 25L GT12-0240m is a powerful mid-range rig that's affordable and delivers reliable performance at 1080p, making it an excellent choice for gamers on a budget.


The HP OMEN 30L GT13-0280z is perfect for people who want stellar 1080p performance or a great 1440p experience, and even though it costs more than the HP OMEN 25L, it's still an affordable PC compared to other options on the market.