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UK's BT Launches Phone to Stop Spam Phone Calls

There's nothing more annoying than telemarketers that just won't quit. Even when you're on a do not call list, they still find a way to justify calling you in the middle of dinner. UK telecoms provider British Telecom is hoping to help us out with annoying cold calls with a new phone that intends to block unwanted calls.


Dubbed the BT6500, British Telcom says the phone will give customers the power to block up to 80 per cent of unwanted calls, such as PPI claim sales calls and other cold marketing calls. The phone will let customers block calls coming from "Withheld" or "International" as well as numbers without a caller ID. BT says this will cut out most unwanted calls. These calls will go to the answering machines where accidentally blocked contacts can leave messages. There's also the ability to block 10 specific numbers so nuisance calls from a known number can be automatically blocked. In addition to this, there's a 'Do Not Disturb' setting, which switches off the ringer (can be operated manually by the customer or set to a timer), but still allows calls from 'VIP contacts' to get through.

The company says it receives over 50,000 complaints to its Nuisance Calls Advice Line every month. What's more, Ofcom says 71 percent of people have received live marketing calls on their fixed-line phone in the last six month. A sizable portion of the complaints are silent calls, and over half of the customers that receive silent calls say they get more than five per month.

"We know from talking to our customers that nuisance calls cause huge frustration and even anxiety at times. When people feel as though they are being harassed in their own homes they need to be able to take action and block the offending callers," siad John Petter, managing director of BT’s consumer division. "The BT6500 puts the customer in control of the types of call they receive. We believe this phone gives customers the peace of mind that when the phone rings it should be someone they want to speak to."

The BT6500 will be available in two variants, each boasting different designs but the same features. The BT6500 is available from BT, Argos, Amazon from today and will be available from Tesco and Sainsbury’s from the end of February. The BT6510 is available from John Lewis and Currys, from the beginning of March. Pricing for a single handset unit is £44.99, while a twin is £69.99, a trio is £89.99 and quad is £109.99. All are available from BT with discounts for BT customers.

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