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Report: Blockbuster Stores Might Start Selling Phones

To say that Blockbuster struggled to cope with the dawn of the digital era would be an understatement. Under new ownership, it seems the company is preparing to branch out in an effort to boost revenue. According to Bloomberg, the ailing video rental store, which was acquired by Dish in 2011, may soon sell phones in its stores.

Bloomberg this week cites two people with knowledge of the matter that say Blockbuster will soon start selling mobile phones in its stores as a test for Dish's planned entry into the wireless business. The company already sells mobile phones via its website, but apparently has plans to bring the "Blockbuster Mobile" brand to 850 of its brick-and-mortar locations.

Bloomberg suggests the move could be preparation for Dish's plans to start its own wireless service. Though the company recently acquired a significant amount of wireless spectrum but has not yet heard back from the FCC on how it is allowed to use these newly-acquired wireless airwaves.

Dish bought Blockbuster in April of last year, agreeing to pay $322 million in cash and assume $87 million in liabilities. The company also purchased DBSD and Terrestar and made a failed bid for Hulu.

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