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Lenovo's LePad Launching Worldwide in June

We first saw Lenovo’s 10.1-inch Lenovo LePad at CES in January. However, the company didn’t confirm any kind of release date. Sure, we had heard a rumor last year that it would be available ‘at the beginning of 2011,’ but what does that even mean? Apparently it means June, because this 1.2GHz Snapdragon-based tablet is going to be available ''globally'' from then.

The term ‘global’ is relative here. Lenovo’s Jay Chen said that though the tablet would be launching outside China, he couldn’t say which countries or markets the company would be targeting. The device is said to cost between $399 and $449 (a far cry from the Xoom’s cheapest price of $600) and will run on Android 2.2, aka Froyo.

Though it’s cheaper than the likes of the Xoom, which packs Nvidia’s Tegra 2 and Honeycomb, we imagine Lenovo would want to get a move on with this launch. With so many Honeycomb tablets scheduled for launch this year, the shelf life of Froyo slates is getting shorter by the day.