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AMD Loses Chief Engineer Michael Goddard to Samsung

The next in line is Michael Goddard, who was corporate vice president of product design and chief engineer at the company until December. Goddard joined AMD in 1988 and is now employed by Samsung and holds the position of vice president and chief system architect.

Goddard reportedly was close with former AMD CEO Dirk Meyer, who was let go in 2011 and the first of more than 20 executives that have left AMD so far. Other high profile executives that departed AMD include CFO Thomas Seifert, CMO Nigel Dessau, COO Bob Rivet, CSO Emilio Ghilardi, graphics CTO Eric Demers, SVP Marty Seyer, corporate VP David Wang, chief engineer Jim Mergard, corporate VP Pat Moorhead, GM Rick Bergman, and GM Chris Cloran.

Media reports suggest that Goddard was not fired, but left AMD voluntarily to accept the position with Samsung, which will compete with AMD in the ARM server SoC market.

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