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AMD Details Lower-Power Ryzen 2400GE, 2200GE

First leaked in the beginning of this year, the lower-power variants of AMD’s Ryzen APUs are now officially detailed on AMD’s website. The Ryzen 5 2400GE and Ryzen 3 2200GE are both 35W-TDP parts, a 30W drop from the regular 2400G’s and 2200G’s 65W TDP.

The silicon in the GE parts is identical to the regular versions but slightly downclocked. The 2400GE and the 2200GE see a 400/100MHz and 300/100MHz drop in base/boost clock, respectively. The graphics portion of the GE parts aren’t downclocked, however, and the differences are summarized in the table below.

ProductRyzen 3 2200GERyzen 3 2200GRyzen 5 2400GERyzen 5 2400G
Core Count (Cores/Threads)4/44/44/84/8
Core Clock (Base/Boost)3.2/3.6GHz3.5/3.7GHz3.2/3.8GHz3.6/3.9GHz
Graphics Core Count881111
Graphics Clock1,100MHz1,100MHz1,250MHz1,250MHz
Heatsink IncludedNoYesNoYes

AMD hasn’t made an official announcement for these GE parts yet, so we don’t know what their pricing and availability will be. The 2400G/GE and 2200G/GE parts are called 2nd-gen Ryzen parts by AMD, but they’re different from the bulk of the 2nd-gen Ryzen processors, which were just launched. Those parts are fabricated on a newer 12nm process, whereas the G/GE processors are fabricated on 1st-gen Ryzen’s 14nm process.