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Apple Files Patent for On-Demand Power Generation from Wind Turbines at Any Time

The patent filing includes "a set of rotating blades to convert rotational energy from a wind turbine into heat in a low-heat-capacity fluid." The heat energy stored in the fluid can be transferred to a "working fluid" which can then be used to generate electricity, Apple said.

Apple views the invention as means to grow more independent from traditional power sources such as coal power plants that are typically needed to complement green power sources such as wind turbines, which may not always be able to provide enough power. While operating, the company said that the rotational kinetic energy of the blades can be translated into heat and stored in a capacity fluid.

The patent filing provides information on a very high level and low detail that, if approved, will cover a wide range of concepts to store heat energy generated by wind turbines in fluids.  With Apple growing its data centers and exploring alternative power sources, we expect to see more patents in this range surfacing in the foreseeable time.