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Tom's Hardware CES 2016 Day One Video Wrap-up

Wednesday was officially day one of CES 2016, although a large crew of Tom's Hardware editors have been on site since Sunday, meeting, taking notes and pictures and video footage. But today was a big day of announcements from companies like Razer and Asus and MSI and . . . well, you get the point. Today we saw more things than we can possibly talk about in one video highlight piece, so we asked a few of the editors on the ground in Las Vegas to pick the most interesting thing they saw on day one.

After watching our editors get very animated telling me and each other about their favorite things, we realized that maybe today it would be better to let them express that excitement on camera, with, as always, as much footage of each product as we could manage. These may not necessarily be the best things, or the most important things, but they caught our attention.

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Fritz Nelson
Fritz Nelson is Editor-at-Large of Tom's Hardware US.
  • XaveT
    Is there a link to a written version of this? I can't find one.
  • Digmeahole
    Disappointed in Tom's Hardware......This is all you can show us? not good
  • tomb
    That background music/track is very distracting/annoying... can't hear the TH guys talking. Too bad.
  • namlocnz
    Nice vid lads and i liked the chiptune
  • turkey3_scratch
    The EVGA water cooling system is looking really nice. This may finally be the perfect median between a closed loop and custom loop. As easy as a closed loop but as customizable as a custom loop.
  • kcarbotte
    Disappointed in Tom's Hardware......This is all you can show us? not good

    These were simply our highlights for the day. There are, or will be, articles for each products we've seen this week.

    Each member of our team at the show has been in back to back to back meetings with nearly no time to write. There will be much more content coming over the next few days, on top of the dozens of articles already online.
  • f-14
    i hope nvidia buys out that vr ray tracing company. i'm pretty sure it's a sure thing especially if they want to pump out tegra in the mobile sector which is the future.