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FBI Releases Gamergate File

The FBI released its file on a series of death threats, bomb reports, and other harassment by people claiming affiliation with Gamergate. The bureau investigated these actions, which targeted two women in the gaming community, between September 2014 and September 2015. The agency eventually called it quits when it failed to uncover any leads on the individuals who had wreaked havoc on these women and the people around them during that period.

Gamergate was nominally focused on ethics in game journalism. Yet the FBI's investigation showed that people who purported involvement with the movement--GamerGators, as one of the emails included in the file said they preferred to be called--were more focused on feminism. The women they targeted, whose identities were redacted from FBI documents but are likely developer Brianna Wu and critic Anita Sarkeesian, were not journalists.

They were, however, outspoken about what they perceived as misogyny in video games. It appears that several GamerGators were not fond of this, as shown by this emailed bomb threat against the Taggart Student Center auditorium at Utah State University, where Sarkeesian was invited to speak:

Other threats are included in the file. The gist is the same--anyone supporting Wu or Sarkeesian would be harmed if they continued to give them a public platform. Supplemental documents also compiled a list of threats or attacks related to Gamergate that don't directly involve Wu or Sarkeesian:

The full report can be found on the FBI's website.