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iPad 5 Could Arrive as Soon as March 2013

Barely anyone was surprised when Apple announced the iPad Mini at the end of October. However, many were surprised when Apple announced that it was also updating the regular iPad line with the addition of the brand new iPad 4. The iPad 3 had only been released six months previously. As you can imagine, some consumers who had purchased the iPad 3 were none too pleased to realize their tablet was already out of date. Now it seems those that bought the iPad 4 when it was released last month might soon feel the same way.

Rumor has it Apple is currently working on the newest iPad and it could be released in the first quarter of next year. Japanese news blog Macotakara cites Chinese website ZOL in reporting that the iPad 5 will have a thinner, lighter design as well as a small form factor. Apparently, the new design will be similar to that of the iPad mini and could shave 4mm off the height of the iPad as well as 17mm from the width and 2mm from the depth. There's also talk of a second gen iPad mini complete with Retina display.

Macotakara cites its own source that says the fifth generation iPad will go on sale in March 2013. If this proved to be true, the current generation iPad, the iPad 4, will spend just four months with the label of 'latest iPad' before being pushed out of the spotlight by a newer model.

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